Ottavi Acquari


HI-FOOD GAMMARUS is a simple natural feed of animal origin for aquatic turtles. It does not cloud the water.

It is a 100% natural product, Gammarus, that contains fibres and minerals essential for the water turtle.

The product is dried in our drier and we guarantee the absence of any pathogen.

Thanks to the gentle packaging process there are no dust residues in the can.

Suitable for turtles from 4 to 12 cm

It contains calcium 4,5% for the turtle’s carapace.

Available sizes:

• 100 ML 10 G - Code: OTMA001 - EAN: 8018189510298

• 250 ML 31 G - Code: OTMA002 - EAN: 8018189510304

• 1200 ML 200 G - Code: OTMA003 - EAN: 8018189510311

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