Ottavi Acquari


AQUA-VIT + immediately binds all the heavy metals present in tap water such as chlorine, chloramine, zinc, copper and lead.

Contains natural extracts of ALOE VERA which reduces stress and protects the gills and mucous membranes of fish, protects the bacteria present in the biological filter and plants.

It helps to keep clear the water and it is suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums, water terrariums and ponds.

AQUA-VIT + is the most concentrated water conditioner on the market, this allows you to consume less product and waste less plastic in the environment.

Available sizes:

• 100 ML 5000 L - Code: OTTR005 - EAN 8018189510151

• 250 ML 12500 L - Code: OTTR006 - EAN 8018189510168

• 5000 ML 250.000 LT - Cod.: OTTR007 - EAN 8018189510175

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