Ottavi Acquari


FLORA-VIT + is a mineral salt solution for all aquatic plants that absorb nutrients through the leaves. Composed of trace elements such as iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, nitrogen which promote plant growth, revive the colours of the leaves and perform an inhibitory action against algae. In fact, healthy and robust plants remove nutrients from unwanted algae and also absorb harmful substances such as nitrates and phosphates. It stimulates the formation of chlorophyll and this makes the plants particularly bright and prevents yellowing of the leaves. Thanks to the new formulation, the nutrients are released gradually and remain available to the plants for two weeks.

FLORA-VIT + is easily and quickly absorbed by both the leaves and root systems. It does not contain phosphates and nitrates.

Available size:

• 100 ML 600 L - Code: OTFE001 - EAN: 8018189510250

• 250 ML 1500 L - Code: OTFE002 - EAN: 8018189510267

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