Ottavi Acquari


HI-FOOD GOLDFISH FLAKES is a complete feed for aquarium goldfish and for all coldwater fish.

This feed has a special composition balanced of proteins and fats to help the digestion of the fish.

The flakes sink slowly and make this feed suitable not only for the Carassius Auratus but also for other goldfish such as Oranda, Lion Heads, Shubunkin, three veils, etc.

It does not cloud the water.

Available sizes:

• 100 ML 20 G - Code: OTMA013 - EAN: 8018189510410

• 250 ML 50 G - Code: OTMA014 - EAN: 8018189510427

• 1200 ML 200 G - Code: OTMA015 - EAN: 8018189510434

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