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Excellent ceramic cylinders filter media for small and medium-sized fresh and marine water aquariums. VITA-PUR MINI can keep the coarser impurities present in the aquarium without obstructing the flow of water. Ideal for the nitrification of the bacteria thanks to the high porosity. The peculiarity of the bacterial colonies in VITA-PUR MINI is to transform organic substances into inorganic substances thanks to biological filtering. High porosity equates to greater number of bacteria present in the filter.

Use BIO-VIT, the bio activator composed by 6 bacterial strains, necessary to create the bacterial flora and to maintains bacteria.

Suitable for aquariums up to 80 liters.

It can be placed both in biological and in external filters.

The high porosity of the product is ideal for the setting of nitrifying bacterial flora.

Available size:

• 200 GR - Code: OTMF004 - EAN: 8018189510021

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